Nearing the end….

After nearly 12 weeks, 1500 Km and 640 locks we are nearing the end of our Burgundy barging adventure.  Amazingly enough we have followed the plan we created many months ago, covering nearly all the navigable waterways of Burgundy. Also amazingly, after living for 12 weeks on a 11.6 m by 3.8 m boat we are still talking to each other and are sad to be leaving “Bray Sur Somme”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 4.30.40 PM

We did the Canal de Bourgogne, the Canal du Centre, the Canal de Roanne, the Canal lateral a la Loire, the Canal de Briare the Canal du Loing and the Canal du Nivernais (twice), along with bits of the Yonne, Seine and Saône rivers.

Our biggest concern now is that we appear to have a goodly amount of quality wine that must be enjoyed before we leave the boat. How will we manage to fit Martini Night in?

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