One thing we’ve noticed in the two months we’ve been here is how the French like to take a thing and add “erie” to describe the maker or seller of the thing. For instance, boulanger is the verb to bake, and boulangerie is the baker or bread shop. Some are not even French words (jeannerie, gadgeterie, etc.) Here is my, as yet incomplete list, of  “Frencheries”.

  • Animalerie:  Pet Store
  • Billetterie: Ticket seller (Billet = ticket)
  • Boucherie: Meat Seller (Boucher = butcher)
  • Boulangerie: Bakery (Boulange = baker)
  • Bagagerie: Baggage seller.
  • Briquetterie: Brick Maker
  • Carterie: Card shop
  • Coifferie: Hair Salon?
  • Capitainerie: Harbor Masters Office
  • Cordonnerie: Shoe Maker/Repair
  • Cremerie: Creamery
  • Droguerie: Hardware/drugstore
  • Gadgeterie: Electronics (this is one of my favorites!)
  • Horlogerie: Clock repair/sales
  • Bijouterie: Jewelry store (Bijou = jewelry)
  • Imprimerie: Printer
  • Jeannerie: Jeans store (another favorite!)
  • Juiverie: Jewish quarter
  • Literie: Bedding (Lit = to sleep)
  • Maroquinerie: Leather goods (purses/belts)


  • Metallerie: Metal working
  • Ferronnerie: Iron Works
  • Mercerie: Hat shop ??
  • Onglerie: Manicurist (Ongle: Nail)
  • Papeterie: Stationery Store

Ferronnerie - Metallerie

  • Pataterie; Potato seller??
  • Poissonnerie: Fish Monger (Poisson = fish)
  • Quincaillerie: Hardware store
  • Retoucherie: Alterations Place
  • Saladerie: Salad place
  • Tannerie:  Tannery
  • Tapisserie: Tapestry maker
  • Teinturerie: Dyer/Dry Cleaner
  • Tresorerie: Treasury
  • Menuiserie: Carpentry Place


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