Our First (alleged) “Rest Day”

Busy “rest” day. Started with two trips (on foot) to the “Super U” supermarche for all kinds of stuff for the boat and us. On the way back from the second trip, stopped at a garden center, which, yes, sells wine. No umbrella though. Then a road trip of about 8 Km round trip (on crappy rental bikes) to get an umbrella for the boat that we can move around (the two on the boat are fixed) so there is some shade at the helm in the middle of the day.

Securing the umbrella to the bike (Roberta carried the base on her back)

Stopped at a regional specialties store on the way back for some Burgundian wine, jam and cassis. AND stopped at a little tobac in town for a ceramic butter dish (we spotted the night before).

Then a light lunch before… hopping back on the bikes for a 10 km round trip to an old Abby in Chailly-sur-Armacon, which looked interesting but turned out to be a high-end hotel and golf resort. Did I mention the bikes were crappy? Cool building though. But it was uphill both ways. And into the wind.

The Abby in  Chailly-sur-Armacon, now a hotel

On the way back we stopped in the Super U for the third time today (same grim cashier who finally cracked a smile on seeing us yet again!) and then to the marina office to start doing some last minute laundry (on the slowest washing machine in existance – 2 hours per load).

Bert Biker
Burgundy Biker Babe!

We can hardly wait to get moving again. This “resting” is killing us!

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