Still Locked Up!

Another BIG lock day – 26 locks and 30 Km. We have done 55 locks in two days which is more than we did the entire first week. This puts us at the top the Canal de Burgogne – next is a 3 Km long tunnel to get to the other side of the plateau as we head down toward Dijon.

Highlights from today –

  • The lock keeper with  3 year old and a 4 year old helpers – tres cute.
  • Attempting to leave the second to last lock, we realized the boat wouldn’t move! A line had fallen off the back and wedged in the now-closed downstream doors. Oops. Fortunately the nice lock lady cycled the lock to free us.
  • Lots of cute lock dogs.
  • Roberta had a good day on the lines. She hit more than 50% of her first casts for the lock mooring posts (which is good).


Lock Dogs
“Pet me please!” – Lock Dogs

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