Hanging in Wrightwood

Have some extra time (my flight from LAX is not until June 1) so I am taking a double-zero in Wrightwood because it is such a nice little town. Very hiker-friendly. $1 off lattes at The Village Grind and a free hot dog at the Wrightwood Market for hikers! I LOVE free stuff. Not as good as Julian but… still pretty good.

My home in Wrightwood
Enjoying my free hotdog!

Pretty much everything in town is located within a block of the main street (my hotel is one block away) which makes it a great hiker town since none of us have cars. The hardware store stocks some hiker supplies and has a list of local angels that will host hikers (for those that can’t afford or get hotel rooms) or give rides. I plan on calling a few today to see if I can schedule a ride tomorrow morning to head back out – easier than hitching! A lot of places have special hiker deals or rates.

Main street in Wrightwood

There are several hiker hangouts in town but a big one is right in front of the town grocery store…

Big hiker hangout in Wrightwood – in front of the grocery store.

Did my re-supply (six days food, new bandaids and moleskin), laundry and planning yesterday so today is pure leisure. Might check out the library.  Spent yesterday afternoon with Butterfly at the Yodeller (bar/burger place – another big hiker hangout) sampling the local brews. Maybe “sampling” is the wrong word. 

Heard from my Canadian friends (Tin Man and Kathryn). They went back to Canada to heal up (she had a “cuboid subluxation” – dislocated foot bone) but plan on coming back in a few weeks. My very unscientific sampling says about 1/3 of the people that started in Campo have either dropped out or are on long layovers. 

And it is COLD here in the mountains of Southern California!

Chilly this morning in Wrightwood!

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