Cajon Pass to Wrightwood

Stopped at the McDonalds for breakfast Wednesday morning before heading out of Cajon Pass and the big climb up to Wrightwood.

Fellow hikers hanging at the Cajon Pass McDonalds
Short (2 day, 30 mile) section but climbing almost the whole way, 3,000′ to 8,400′, before dropping down to Wrightwood at 6,000′.  Took the Acorn Trail from the PCT to walk into town. Always more fun to walk into a down than having to hitch. Met Butterfly about 5 miles out of Cajon Pass and ended up hiking with him all the way to Wrightwood. Another old guy, he lives in California and is section hiking part of the PCT.
Butterfly (aka “Tim”) on the trail to Wrightwood

Did 15.5 miles the first day before camping at a popular stopping spot (shade/flat). Lots of hikers stopped for a quick nap before heading down the trail. This is a common approach – hike until lunch or it gets hot, stop for a nap, and then hiking after it begins to cool down a bit.

Afternoon naps on the PCT

Ran into a couple of hikers about 10 miles from Cajon Pass. Young guys from Washington who had just started in Cajon Pass and were on their second day (only 10 miles?). They had 3 weeks of food but were down to only 1/2L of water?!? On one of the longest dry sections so far? I left with 6L of water and had only a couple swallows left when I got to Wrightwood. Talked to a couple other hikers later that said they gave them a little water and advised them to turn around. Crazy. Most of the clueless people have dropped out by now but you still run into a few. 

Looking down on the road to Wrightwood (the way normal people get there!)

Also met a nice young fellow from Germany, Robert (no trail name yet). [ By the way my trail name is Jesus (pronounced like in spanish, “heyzoos”) which I got over a week ago (walking in sandals – get it?) and have finally accepted. I get a lot of jokes about turning water in wine (or preferably beer) and walking across rivers without using rocks or logs.] Robert seemed a little depressed – having lots of foot problems – I sympathized! Foot problems can take all the fun out of hiking. Since I switched to the Crocs my feet are feeling better than in a many weks.

Camp site on the trail to Wrightwood

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