Final Post…..

Trip Summary

Back home!  Here are some trip statistics:

    • Number of Days:    44 (July 29 – Sep 11)
    • Number of States Visited:    15
    • Number of New States:      11
    • Miles travelled:   5,500 (approx.)
    • Nights Camping:  14
    • Nights Hotel:  8
    • Nights AirBnB : 22 (3 weeks in Colorado Springs)
    • Number of Trump signs seen:   Too many (mostly in the UP Michigan)
    • Number of  Biden signs seen:   Not enough, not nearly enough.
    • Number of semis that we sat behind while they took forever to pass another semi:   9 million (approx.)
Our new states

Our  new states from this trip ….

    • S. Dakota
    • N. Dakota
    • Minnesota
    • Wisconsin
    • Michigan
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
    • Ohio (Bert)
    • W. Virginia
    • Tennessee
    • Kentucky
    • Missouri

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