Namche to Tengboche

Day 4 (Oct 26): Namche to Thame

Left Namche at 8:00 for a two day detour from our hike to Everest Base Camp (EBC) to more slowly acclimate. This was a relatively easy day with about 3,000’ of total climbing and about 1,000’ net over 6 miles or so. Rolled into Thame for lunch at 1:00. By 2:00 we were headed 600 feet up (without packs) to visit the Thame Monastery where we toured the “Gompa” and

Roberta receives a blessing from the Rinpoche

were blessed by the “Rinpoche” who is the current reincarnation of the monastery’s leader. He is 9 years old. We each received a “Khata” (basically a long silk scarf), a string tied around our necks and “long life” pills. And a cookie. Which was good because the pills are kind of bitter.

On the way to Thame we stopped for a break at a small tea house that is the home of Galyzin (one of our Nepalese guides). We met his mom and she served us tea and gave us each a “Khata” (you tend to collect these guys if you stay here very long).

Galyzin and his mom in the house he grew up in.

Day 5 (Oct 27): Thame to Khumjung

Walked back down the valley from Thame toward Namche in absolutely beautiful weather. Stopped in Thame at the house of the parents of famous climbing sherpas for tea. They drink a lot of tea here.

Stealing hugs from a Nepalese grandma

On the way to Namche we stopped at a monestary during a very important ceremony and listened to the chanting and music.

Buddhist temple

Then onward to Khumjung/Khunde. The group split up and several people went to a hospital and the rest of us did the “direct” route with a chance of seeing Everest – which we did! Bert broke into tears she was so moved.

First Everest sighting (just to the right of he dark peak in the middle).

Then down the hill to Khumjung where we arrived about 3:00. Then we walked into “town” and Bert bought some flip-flops for going to the bathroom at night and Claire bought a cool hat.

Our high points/terminis altitudes for the next few nights:

Day 6: Tengboche. 12,800’

Day 7: Pheriche. 13,900’

Day 8: Pheriche. 13,900’

Day 9: Labuche. 16,170’

Day 10: Gorak Shep. 16,924’

Kala Patar. 18,300’

Day 11: EBC. 17,500’

Labuche. 16,170’

Health wise we are doing pretty good. My stomach thing is completely gone and Bert seems a bit better today. Some mild headaches but nothing serious and we are both moving okay. Have not done the oximeter thing for a few days but I suspect we are both in the mid-90’s. And I had a shower! Joe and I both paid 500 Rupees to take a much appreciated hot shower.

Day 6 (Oct 28): Khumjung to Tengboche

Pretty easy day – we were in Tengboche by noon for lunch (usual 8:00 AM start). Hiked down to the river (~2500 feet) then up to Tengboche (~2500 feet). Weather was good and we had stunning views of Everest and Lohtse as we entered town.

Views of Lohtse (over my head) and Everest (left)

Walked to the bakery after lunch for a snack for tea. Plan is to have everyone meet at 3:00 to visit the monestary here in town.

Tengboche monestary

At 3:00 Vern took us on a little tour around the monestary – unfortunately there are not enough monks here for their ceremony so we just walked in and looked around before heading back to the inn for tea.

Our inn for the night.

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