In Mt Ida – Starting Tomorrow

We arrived in Mt Ida early this afternoon after a cold, two day drive from Denver. Last night is was 15 degrees in Tulsa! Tomorrow promises to start cold (16-20 degrees depending on who’s forecast you trust) but should see the beginning of a warming trend that will bring temperatures back to a more normal range by Friday.

We drove the Talimena Scenic Parkway (which parallels the trail for about 60 miles) dropping off a couple of water cache’s and a food cache at the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.

Our home in Mt Ida!

We will drive to the Blue Bell Cafe in the morning for breakfast and then  Lori (the proprietor) has promised us a ride the trail (Mile 138.4, where we exited the trail last February) and we will be off!

We did a final pack check and weigh-in while waiting for Emerson to show up. These are our final weights – they are a bit lower than expected because we will be wearing a lot of our cold-weather clothing when we start in the morning. This is with 7 days of food  and 2L of water.


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