Denver to Breckenridge

The Colorado and Continental Divide Trails are coincident for 300 odd miles

104 miles and 7 days later I have arrived in Frisco/Breckenridge. This completes what the Colorado Trail Organization calls Segments 1-6 (out of 28).

The trail comes out onto the road between the two and there is a free shuttle bus that runs every 30 minutes. I picked Frisco for my zero day because it is more compact and I have never been here before. It is a very nice little tourist town (with a great pizza place!).

I hiked and camped solo all week. Met just a few hikers. One, Greg from Tulsa, was headed north when I ran into him. We stopped and talked. When I asked him about his hike he said he had started just a few miles back and was headed to Breckenridge. Silence. He looked around and said “I’m going the wrong way, aren’t I?” Yep. I turned him around and we had a nice visit for a mile or so.

Me and Steve!

But my favorite was Steve, from Albuquerque. Bumped into Steve about 3 miles from Frisco and we visited all the way in. Steve retired at 47 and he and his wife sailed around the world for seven years. He has done 29 14ers and is planning on doing several more. A real nice, interesting young (61!) guy.

Now for some statistics! I averaged just over 16 miles a day (not including the last half day). I climbed up around 18,000 feet (though it felt like a lot more). I started at 6,000 feet and topped out just under 12,000 feet. Most of the time was over 10,000 feet.

Bighorn Sheep inWaterton Canyon

I saw two moose, some Bighorn Sheep, a river otter, and about 1000 ground squirrels. No bears.


I camped by myself all six nights and only had one dry camp. Most of the time I was next to a pretty little mountain stream or creek.

Typical camp on the CT
Typical mountain stream and some random hiker.

And, of course, I have had my usual foot problems. I gave up on my trail runners on the second day and have been hiking in my Crocs. I tossed my trail runners at Kenosha Pass and am planning on doing the the rest of the trail in the Crocs. I get some funny looks but you have to do what works.

A gift from my trail runners.

I head out tomorrow (with a big climb of course!) after a rest day. Next stop is Twin Lakes in five days.

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