An encounter with a “Marauding English Invader”

We were warned. They were out there. The French built castles to keep them at bay. Still, a few hardy Englishmen managed to breach the nearly impregnable fortress we call Burgundy and we met up with one. Turns out the English aren’t nearly as bad as all the stories would have you believe.

Some (or at least one) will help with the dishes and helming the boat. We got one of the good ones but, unfortunately, he has left us. And we are sad…


But life and the river move on…. After dropping Richard at the train station we spent the morning in the local lavarie (laundromat) and then headed south on the Saône, leaving the “Petite Saône” and entering the “La Saône a grand”, where the river is not much bigger but you join commercial traffic and the locks get bigger. Much bigger. Huge. We entered the lock at Seurre alone and the lock could easily have fit another 20 boats our size (12 meters).

We plan to spend another day or two on the Saône then head west on the Canal du Centre in Chalon-sur-Saône (“a French canal running from Digoin, where it joins the Canal latéral à la Loire, to the River Saône in Chalon-sur-Saône.  It was opened in 1792 …” Wikipedia).

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