More Trail Magic – PCT Mile 436

My tent spot became very popular late in the day yesterday – many miles of ridges and not many places to camp. It was a big flat spot but on the very top of the ridge so very exposed and it was windy and cold!

More hikers join my camp site

Woke up to a cloudy, cold morning – I’m guessing in the high 30’s. Tough getting going when it’s that cold. Hiked all day in the clouds and wind. But got a little trail magic!. Took the Poodle Dog Bush detour which is on a closed park road. A couple of rangers in a pickup came by and asked if I wanted a lift. On a road? You bet! They took me 4 or 5 miles before turning off. Very nice. Road walking is boring (and potentially dangerous).

Waling the detour in the clouds!

Hit two ranger stations today – good places to get water. And they tend to be very tolerant of PCT hikers.

Trail angel sign before a Ranger station

Got to the second ranger station in the early afternoon and it was packed with cold hikers having lunch and getting water. Me, I plan to spend the night here. Picnic tables, pit toilet and water. Heaven!

Cold hikers at a ranger station

And, finally, todays scenery shot. This is from about 6,000 feet looking north.

Today’s scenery shot

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