Pre-Trip Update

This is my first post using my Iphone and the WordPress app. Since this is how I will be posting from the trail wanted to try it out. I am about three weeks out from my start (April 24).

I have all my equpipment ready to go. I am using basically the same equipment I used on my section hike last year so am fairly confident I won’t have equipment issues. I have trimmed my clothes and a few other things to get my base weight down to about 14 lbs. This is about 2 lbs lighter than last year.

And it looks like this has been an above average snow year in the Sierras, so doing the highest part of the trail last year may work out really well. I didn’t bother taking my ice ax or micro-spikes last year but it looks like I may be bringing them along this time.  

Lake Tahoe Snowpack

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