The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2650 mile foot path from Mexico to Canada.

Okay, so here is my plan….for 2016. There is a three week break in June for personal reasons. I will skip the part of the trail I did in 2015.  The last two stages are continuous, I split it to make it easier to manage the planning.

Stage 1 (4/24 to 5/29, 455 miles): Full Graph

Mexico boarder to Agua Dulce (Hiker Heaven), PCT 0 to PCT 455. This gets me to where I started my section hike last year. I am scheduled to arrive at the end of May. Will fly back to Houston to join Roberta, Francis and my brother John and his wife Christin for a trip to Mexico. John spent the past year dealing with colon cancer and I promised him I would take him to Mexico if he didn’t die. He didn’t die.

Stage 2 (6/24 to 8/7, 823 miles): Full Graph

Back on the trail after a three week hiatus, approximately where I left it last year (near Mammoth Lakes). PCT 907 to PCT 1727. Getting back on the trial is not easy but I have a plan – fly into Reno and catch an Eastern Sierra bus to Mammoth Lakes on 6/23. Hopefully back on the trail by early on the 24th.

Stage 3 (8/8 to 10/6, 937 miles): Full Graph

Last stage – hopefully getting to Manning by early October.


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