Kayak #9, Sims Bayou, May 27, 2020

Sims Bayou is a combination of a natural and channelized bayou. The bottom of the bayou is made up of interlocking concrete blocks, and is flat, unlike the other channelized bayous that have a central deep channel. And this made it tough to kayak because, even with recent rains, it was very shallow, especially west of MLK Boulevard.  My kayak only needs about a foot or two of depth but there were several sections where I was scraping the bottom.

Sims Bayou at Scott. It looks deep!
Downtown view on the hike down to Sims Bayou
Walked through Sunnyside

I took the Metro Red Line south to the end of the line and started hiking toward Sims Bayou at Scott where I put in and started paddling. There was very little flow and it was very shallow.

I had to portage around one very low bridge a mile or so east of Cullen.

Oops! Not going through that.
Dragging around the bridge.


Saw the usual wildlife, turtles, birds and lots and lots of big fish.

After kayaking a bit over six miles, paddling the whole way since there was almost no current, I pulled out at Reveille Park in Southeast Houston. From there I hike to the southern end of the Metro Purple line for the ride home.

Pullout spot in Reveille Park
Waiting for the train.