In Denver – 36 Hours to Go

Arrived in Denver this afternoon (Aug 8) after a two day drive from Houston. Went for a walk with Roberta and got a little short of breath which is NOT a good sign. Oh well. I have one more full day before I start on the trail.

Pack Weight

My final pack weight is 28.3 lbs for everything but water. I plan on starting with 2L (4.4 lbs), so 32.7 lb starting weight. About 2 lbs heavier than I wanted but 7 days of food makes it tough.


Speaking of food – here is my first weeks budget:


  • 6 freeze dried meals
  • 6 tortillas


  • 12 Pop Tarts
  • Coffee


  • 7 tortillas
  • 4 salmon foils
  • 3 Peanut butter cups
  • 6 Laughing Cows
  • 1 box Cheese nips


  • 14 Kind Bars

Which will give me about 2100 calories/day which is only 1000 calories or so less than I will be burning but…. food is HEAVY.

Cell Coverage

Did a little research on T-Mobile coverage on the trail and it looks pretty good for the first half but gets pretty sketchy after that.